Commercial Hydrogen Announces New Board Member

Troy Bohlke- Newest Board Member of Commercial Hydrogen

Texas Company Names Troy Bohlke to Board of Directors

General Mike Ryan, Vice President Government Relations and Board Member of Commercial Hydrogen, Inc. officially welcomes Mr. Troy Bohlke to Commercial Hydrogen as member of the Board of Directors.

Commercial Hydrogen is a Texas based company dedicated to improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions for commercial trucks. Utilizing a proprietary “Hydrogen On-Demand” technology, the company retrofits diesel engines to produce remarkable results.

"This hydrogen technology is transformative because it not only adds profitability to the fleet's operation but also greatly reduces pollution at the same time, which makes it a self funding solution for pollution management. This is why I chose to accept the invitation to join Commercial Hydrogen's Board of Directors."

Troy Bohlke, Board Member

Troy Bohlke is a seasoned marketing professional and head of 10 Day Media, an award-winning media/marketing company in Phoenix, Arizona. Mr. Bohlke is also founder and head of New Business Funders, a private money lender to new and small businesses. An experienced entrepreneur, Troy Bohlke is able to obtain national recognition for his clients, resulting in increased brand recognition and customer acquisition.

Bohlke states of the technology, "Commercial Hydrogen addresses two important issues facing the trucking industry. Due to increasing competition, profit margins are experiencing severe downward pressure. On top of this, there is increased concern for environmental responsibility. The Commercial Hydrogen Technology addresses both issues without sacrifice to economics or horsepower to the engine. In the trucking industry, fuel costs and horsepower are a very big deal to fleet owners."

This unique retrofit technology injects hydrogen directly into the combustion chamber which increases energy. Additional benefits are a significant decrease in wear and tear related repairs. The technology creates hydrogen on the spot. There is an endless supply. Commercial Hydrogen's two unique products accommodate most 10-15L pre-2011 non-EPA rated vehicles, up to the newest EPA rated models of 2017.

Engine performance is incredibly efficient, consistent, and stable. The process not only improves the combustion process but lessens the amount of residual build-up in the engine. There is up to 50-70 percent reduction in CO2 and NOX particulates, bringing levels well below EPA guidelines.

The Commercial Hydrogen Technology works well with CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) as well. In late 2016, Commercial Hydrogen Inc. retrofitted two Sheehy Mail Contractors CNG Freightliners with its new hydrogen injection technology and achieved double digit mileage gains with no negative effects on engine performance.(added) Quoting a veteran Wisconsin fleet owner and efficiency expert, John Sheehy, CEO Sheehy Mail Enterprises “We were excited to invite Commercial Hydrogen out to demonstrate the technology. After several weeks of actual fleet duty, the two trucks running on hydrogen each achieved a 17% mileage increase well above the 11% needed to match diesel mileage.”

Commercial Hydrogen’s technology can have tremendous impact on fleet operations, but it also gives the independent driver a way to compete in the marketplace. Further, it is estimated that the cost of the retro-fit can be paid for in operational cost savings in less than a year.

These benefits can be applied to all areas of many industries. The application of this system to a diesel engine can be utilized for everything from the Individual Owner-Operator to Commercial Logistics Enterprises.  Even most military vehicles can be fitted. “The future is bright for Commercial Hydrogen as both market and environmental forces converge,” claims Fowler. “We are poised to expand our business as this billion-dollar industry achieves increased momentum.”

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